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Januaray 23rd LUCKY DIP SLIDE SHOW/font>

Januaray 9th GENERAL DISCUSSION - Fish I Keep

Agood proportion of the eraly evening was taken up with discussion centred around the Club's
involvement with the new aquatic display area evolving at the Hounslow urban Farm.
This will be credited to the Society (and hopefuly be an attractive advertisement for new members)
and is very much the brain child of Joe nethersell, with active support from Simon Taylor and the
rest of us. Mention was also made of Simom's intended online aquatic slaes Club, again something
which will draw attention to both Hounslow and the FBAS. On the subject of Fish I Keep, Dick managed
to dodge the issue by asking for anyone's experience in dealing with online aquatic plant suppliers
as refiurbishing his three tanks is next on his agenda, the difficulties being the range of plants
being limited by import restrictions. Ron reported progress on the ongoing installation of the
tropical pond in his garden - and we're all waiting for the invitation to the opening ceremony,
probaly when the weather gets a bit warmer!


The question everyone's asking is where on earth did 2018 go? The year went by so fast, we almost forgot to enjoy it on the way!

   As can be seen by the accompanying photos, a goodly number of members turned up for our annual Christmas Party,
but we were disappointed thatPeter Quested couldn't make it due to not feeling quite right on the day.
Also, our friend Nigel, from Reigate & Redhill, also failed a 'fitness test' and had to decline to join us.

Due to lack of breeding registrations, there was no 'Breeder of the year' to crown but
Ron simply wiped the floor with our exhibiting members by a stupendous score.
Equally-deserving in gaining the Member of the Year Award was Simon for his
drive and enthusiasm - and a little thing of designing and masterminding our
Tropiucal Pond Installation at this year's Festival of Fishkeeping.

Special mention must be made of the Ladies' contributions to the evening -
great food from Janet, Sylvia, Marion, Hanne, Iris, Angie, Wendy and Chrissie,
with Hanne and Sylvia also distinguishing themelves in the Photographic Competition.

See you all in January, 2019!

November 28th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING plus Fish 'n Chip Supper

A great attendance - which shows us that members have no fear of turning up for an AGM! As usual, the formalities were processed
with almost indecent speed so that the 'main course' of the evening could be enjoyed at leisure.

However, along the way came both sdaness and pleasure. Both Peter Quested and Kem Marriott announced that 2019 would be their
last as Officers of the Club but this news was tempered with the pleasure at gaining an 'new member.'

In recognition of his contribution to the hobby and his organisation
of all the Festivals of Fishkeeping over the years, the Club welcomed
Joe Nethersell as a lifetime Hornorary Member.

Thanks were extended to Spike and Dick for the Fish 'n Chip Supper
service and notice was given that the Christmas Evening is looming -
prizes for the Game (and the Raffle) will be welcomed as will be photos -
Fish, Landscapes, Fun, Animals.


A fully-packed evening on all fronts. Clive and Matthew were back with us although Spike, Peter and Hanne couldn't make it.

Joe Nethersell dropped in to run through his plans for Hounslow-supported Furnished Aquariums at the Hounslow Urban Farm.
We kicked off with Chairman Peter Anderson showing some of his 2018 activities, including visits to Germany and to the
Wisley Flower Show.

Following the tea break, the Closed Show Awards
were presented; this year we did something
different and distributed the Awards 'en bloc'
to their respective winners with just a single
photo covering everyone involved.

Then, Ashby took us on a trip to Sentosa Island
in Singapore with its fabulous aquarium sights on view.
To complete the evening, Dick showed a video of this
year's Final Festival of Fishkeeping, much of which
featured Hounslow's tropical pond attraction.

We can only hope that 2019 will be as eventful and
produce another entertaining Review of the Year.

October 31st 2019 PROGRAMME PLANNING

Everyone came mentally-braced for a brainstorming evening, but they needn't have worried as the evening simply flew by
with next year's programme well in the bag by an early Raffle time! Thanks for evryone's suggestions!

October 17th CLOSED SHOW PArt 2: Classes: O-T, Pairs, Breeders, Plants Aquascapes, Mini-Furnished.

Sadly, the number of entries was disappointing for the second half of our Closed Show but, as usual, the spirit was willing by
those that brought fish. Barry and Simon's competitiveness was sorely missed.

A proposal for the Club to set up and possibly maintain aquatic displays at the Hounslow Farm was discussed, as was the possibility
of changing our Open Show date next year.

October 3rd CLOSED SHOW Part 1: Single fish Classes only: B-M, U, V and W.

Considering that this evening's event followed on so swiftly after the Festival of Fishkeeping, there was a good number of
entries in the first half of our annual Closed Show

As usual, the evening was blessed with a generous table of refreshments, thanks to our hard-working ladies, and it was decided to
minimise an otherwise late evening by presenting the actual Show Cards at the Closed Show Awards night.


We're fast establishing a record for the number of different excuses for not having the published programme at meetings!
Seriously, it does make sense to tailor the 'performances' to the size of participants, which was the reason the
Bring 'n Buy was shelved. Hopefully all hospital/medical commitments proved successful,and holiday demands now been met.

Peter reported that the gallant dozen or so members present had an enjoyable evening re-living some of the Club's activities at
Festivals past, and it was great to have Clive and Matthew back with us again.

This week is the build-up to this year's Festival at the Hounslow Urban Farm and we follow this with the first of our two
Closed Show evenings. Please arrive promptly for these two meetings (we'll be there from 7pm each time) and if you can let
Dick have entries ahead of time he'll be ever so .... busy (and thankful)

September 11th INTERCLUB TABLE SHOW v Mid-Sussex v Bracknell (at BRACKNELL)

A bit of a disappointing finish to our InterClub season, not just because we lost, but also the absence of a Mid-Sussex presence
due to holiday commitments.

As it was, the 3rd Leg score
resulted in a victory for the
home team Bracknell, although we
came away with the Best in Show
honours thanks to Ron.

We take this opportunity to
congratulate Brackneel on their
win and also to both our competing
adversaries for the friendly spirit
in which the InterClub rounds were
conducted (expecially the hospitality
aspect!) We hope we can do it again
next year.

August 8, August 25 and September 5th CLUB MEETINGS CANCELLED

July 25th FISH TALK by Angie King

It's always a special occasion when a member volunteers to give a talk and Angie not only delivered by get us guessing
right from her intial vlounteering - all she said it would be was 'A Fish Talk.' It's doubtful if anyone made the link
between our Angie and the traditional Billingsgate Fish market but that's what it was all about. And, of course, there were
lots of pictures of fish (and colourful descriptions of the specially-hatted fish porters which brought the whole picture to life.
Well done, Angie for something completly different!

Finding the Hall in disarray for refurbishment was a shock, so it was agreed by Committee members (after the meeting) to cancel
the next three meetings until after the refurbishments have been completed. The next Club meeting will therefore be on the
19th SEPTEMBER and will feature the AUTUMN BRING 'n BUY. Any 'home programme' items previously planned will be
re-arranged but the INTERCLUB with Mid-Sussex and Bracknell is still fixed (at BRACKNELL) for the 11th Sptember.


Another highly-enjoyable evening with friendly (?)
competitiveness in the air. Despite the long, hot
return journeys, the atmosphere was more than cordial
and there were plenty of fish on the bench to talk about.

Pete came away with Best in Show Award for his Odessa Barb
(he also took a first with his Pyrrhulina) and Ron took the
two top honours with his Siamese Fighters.

Points totals over the first two legs turned out to be equal
between Hounslow and Bracknell, so there's all to play for
in the final leg on the 11th September

July 11th COLDWATER TABLE SHOW Again we cancelled in deference to England's World Cup Semi-final match

June 27th MY FISH HOUSE UPDATE by Simon Taylor

Members were anticipating this progress report from Simon with eager interest, as we never quite know what to
expect from our most enthusiastic of members!

Simon has expanded his interests by acquiring a wholeslale fish business and the story behind this move was most
absorbing. Secondly, Simon has been host to the manufacturing of our display for this year's Festival of Fishkeeping
and this again proved to be a most interesting subject. But, of course, everyone was waiting for Sinon's piece de resistance -
his reaction to winning (or not)a Raffle prize - and he duly didn't disappoint his fans!

Great entertainment and lots of practical knowledge imparted too.

June 20th RIVER DIP This had to be cancelled at the last minute for low number of members.

June 13th TABLE SHOW Classes L (Loaches), M (AOS Tropical Egglayer), O-t (Livebearers)

Not a lot of information about this evening, as Dick was away on holday. According to the jungle drums, Ron was the mainstay of the evening,
providing most (if not all) of the entries. Must remember to listen to the Minutes for the latest update!


Our biggest event of the year brought both
entries and sunshine. In keeping with the
average entry numbers, our Show held its own
both in total and in quality.

The mood was excellent, the refreshments
constantly available and delicious and the
shop and Raffle did their usual busy duties.
With the tables again being used, breaking
down was a doddle and we were all away for an
'early bath!'

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks
to all who made it a great success, whatever your


For many members, this was a look at how things used to be, especially in areas where 'single fish in jars' was not necessarily
the norm when exhibiting fioshes in Shows. Many inspirational works of art were shown, each of which reflected the Clubs involved
total involvement in producing the final product. It simply couldn't be imagined these days, but we're going to do our best at
the next Festival of Fishkeeping - with your help, of course!

May 16th INTER-CLUB TABLE SHOW: Classes Db (Dwarf Cichlids), H (Corydoras), Ta (Goodeids) and V (Twintail Goldfish)

They came, they saw, we conquered! What a great start to our series of friendly (!) Table Show competitions with Bracknell and
Mid-Sussex.As usual, the emphasis was on having a good social evening with the only fomalities being limited to the Showbenches.
Elsewhere there was excellent food and lively fishkeeping-relating discussions taking place.

The tricky First Round always
throws up challenges for the host
Club bearing in mind the visitors
try to choose the most awkward Classes,
but we managed to cover all Classes
whilst Mid-Sussex faltered in not having
entries in the Goldfish Class.

The final scores revealed that
Hounslow scraped home by a single
point over Bracknell (who valiantly
took Best in Show with Phil Norden's
Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid).

Hounslow 16
Bracknell 15
Mid-Sussex 9

The next Round of this three-way competition
will be on the 12th July, when we gather at
Mid-Sussex. Classes: B, C, W, I

May 2nd TABLE SHOW: Classes I (Siamese Fighters), J (Rasboras, K (Danios) and Any Other Species

With both Peter Anderson and Dave Brooks
on convalescence leave,Wendy and Colin,
Matthew and Clive and Chrissie also missing,
we were much depleted; the Table Show was
supported but with only five species spread
over twelve entries - two Classes had four
identical species in each!

The evening itself was split into two halves
with Dick covering up to tea break (before
paperwork duties called) and then Ron carried
on until it was Results and Raffle time.

Quite a bit of fishkeeping conversations
took place and Spike took fish photo-taking
lessona from Barry on the Showbench after
judging was completed.

Classes for the Inter-Club Table Show at the
next meeting were confirmed as Db, H, Ta and V.


We were delighted with the very warm
welcome we received at the Fountain;
the staff remembered us from last year(!)
and our waitress was the same.

With any number over two dozen, seating in
our upstairs section can be very variable
as the area does not lend itself readily to
larger gatherings - although at 23, we were down
around half-a-dozen-or-so, trying to invent
a successful seating plan is always a source
of concern, often having to be revised
'on the night.'It most cases it turns out that
'first come, first choice' is the most practicable

Service was excellent, with no glitches along
the way and everyone agreed that the food was
well up to scratch. Even the end of the evening
'accounting' went without a hitch.

It was pleasing that we had guests from both ends
of our membership spectrum - Pete and Anne Caira
lost no time in catching up with old chums whilst
Matthew and Clive fitted in seamlessly as our
newest members - they even ssaid they were
looking forward to next year!

April 18th BRING 'n BUY

All the usual suspects were there, and what our four new members would make of the evening was anyone's guess! There was a good number of
very high-quality, low-price fish for sale which were snapped up, plus the traditional selection of equipment (even what looked like an RO unit)
and notwithstanding Angie's always-welcome surprise items. Not sure whether the red cardigan or the maroon Jeans eventually found a home!

As it turned out our new members found themselves entering into the spirit of things quite effortlessly, so maybe we've found a new way of
initiating visitors!

April 4th TABLE SHOW: Classes E (Gouramies, but NOT Fighters), F (Killifish), G (Catfish) and H (Corydoras).

The meagre number of entries in the
Table Show was more than compensated
for with the presence of two potential
new members, Greg and Darren, who came
along as a result of seeing us at last
year's Festival.

Current topics discussed were the two
upcoming 'Spring Auctions' this (and next)
coming Sundays at West Molesey and Kempshott

The issuing of Order and Menu Choice Forms mean
only one thing - the Annual Dinner is but a matter
of weeks away.Replies should be returned at the next
Club meeting please.

The evening soon passed, just going to show how time
passes when you're enjoying yourselves!


Something for everyone to comment upon, from familiar (and not so familiar fish) to Club social events and even the inside of Pete's
fish-house roof! A full house of members provided varied and diverse comments on whatver came up on the screen there was even
a marine fish thrown in for the benefit of Ron and Ashby. Looking back, it encompassed almost everything that our hobby is about -
and all home-made too, good selection by Pete Anderson.

Classes for forthcoming Inter Club Table Shows are gradually becoming known. To date they stand as:

1st leg (at Hounslow): V, H (Brackcnell choices). Mid-Sussex choices to come
2nd leg (at Mid Sussex) B, C (Hounslow choices), W, I (Bracknell choices)
2rd Leg (at Bracknell): Hounslow and Mid-Sussex choices yet to come.

March 7th TABLE SHOW - Barbs, Characins and Cichlids

Members' attendance was the best
for a little while, since both Peters
(Q and A) were back after their respective
recuperations following surgery but Dave
Brooks is reportedly poorly - so no Angie or

However, we were delighted to see two
new faces, Matthew and Clive Wilson, who
decided to try us out.

15 entries in the Table Show got the season
off to a good start too.

February 21st NEW PRODUCTS

We had both the real and the virtual new products simultaneously. Barry brought along an
actual water-changing system (recuperating Peter Anderson sent in photographic details of
tests) and Dick provided an in-tank brine shrimp hatcher together with a tableful of catalogues.
Special interest was shown in the latest 'filter on a roll' marine filtration system.

An excellent collection of cakes (three different types of doughnuts plus cup-cakes!) made for
a complete evening. Ron and Simon reported on their successful rehoming aquarium and plants trips.

February 7th SHOW CLASSES

Mixed emotions from the members this evening - first, the good news that Peter Quested was
on the mend from his operation and, second, the not quite so excited anticipation into the
explanation/discussion on Show Classes!

Thankfully, despite the presumed apathy for the subject, enough knowledge of the way the
Showing system works had filtered into our minds over the years to enable a good discussion.
Naturally, this included a number of 'hard done by' stories but these tales from the Show
bench turned out to be an entertaining way of learning! One area in which lively participation
occurred was the subject of 'Presentation' using Bob Esson's original draft definitions.

Responses to two outside offers of rehoming an aquarium and a collection of surplus plants were
taken on board by Ron and Simon.

January 24th FISH COMPATIBILITY Open Discussion Tell us your mismatches and failures!

The first thing to decide - what we mean by fish compatibility? Once we'd decided that it
covered all manner of likely excuses for fishkeeping failures, the rest came easy.
Lots of personal experiences but, despite several tales of woe, not one was persuaded
to give up.The moral of this evening was that fish do their utmost to survive no matter
what we throw at them!

January 10th FESTIVAL AQUARIUMS by Peter Anderson

Despite the wide diversity of interests within the hobby, most people get attracted to it by the
simple furnished aquarium - the 'living picture in your own home' type of thing. Over the years,
such aquariums were found in numbers at Shows and aquatic Festivals but today they are less
numerous and, it is to Hounslow's credit, that they are stil to be seen competitively each year
at the Festival of Fishkeeping.

Peter Anderson's collections of photos showing entries from past Festivals brought back many
memories, as well as critical comments on their design adn techniques. It was no coincidence
either that amongst the best were many prize-winning entries by our late friend Malcolm Goss.

A non-demanding, entertaining presentation to start off the New Year.


Thanks to s string of Fairy Lights and
a decorated Christmas Tree, the Hall
had already taken on the festive look
by the time we arrived for our Party Night.

Add to this a background of Christmas music
- courtey of Hanne - plus a food-filled table
which included such regulars ar our Bread Pudding,
Carrot Cake and other donations generously
supplied by the ladies and we were set for
our end of year celebrations.

Sadly, our ambassador, our hard-working Secretary
Peter Quested was poorly and could not join us
but we wished him a speedy recovery and look forward
to his return early in the New Year.

The Photo Competition drew in a bigger entry this year
and we fell back on a visiting experienced hand -
Pete Caira - to help out with the judging!
Ellewhere, Iris deservedly won the 'Member of the Year'
Award for her support for the Club over the year whilst
Ron simply trounced everyone else in his accumulated
exhibiting points total to win the 'Aquarist of the Year'
Trophy. The 'Breeder of the Year' Award was won by Peter Quested.

Once again, the diabolical machinations of 'The Game'
provided the climax of the evening and there was a good
mix of genuine rewards and some fun 'disappointments' in
the equally-shared prizes.

December 6th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and Fish 'n Chip Supper

The main interest of the evening was not,
unsurprisingly, who was being re-elected
(or not) to the 2018 Committee but where the
Fish 'n Chips were coming from!

Fortunately, a couple of plans were in place but
since Spike had done so much advance legwork -
even to the extent of practically placing an order -
ahead of a combined research by Dick and Barry, it
was his decision that carried the evening.

The resulting supper was relished by all, so
absentees Peter, Hanne, Dave, Angie and Ashby
missed out.

Incidentally, no changes were made to the outgoing
Committee members.

November 29th CLOSED SHOW AWARDS NIGHT and Review of the Year

As can be seen by the expressions
of the lucky winners, this is always
a popular event as the Club's exhibiting
'Stars' strut their triumphal stuff.
It's almost worth creating a separate
prize for Simon just to see his absolute
delight; most of us can't remember the joy
we felt at our first awards and we're just
pleased that such emotions still exist.

Peter Anderson reportedly did a good job
with the review of the year, just a pity that
some members were away and missed such a
happy evening.

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