Catch up with events you may have missed, and find out what we thought about them.
Please let's have your views!

March 20th LIVE FISH FOODS presented by Soxane Dunbar.You'll be surprised at how big a menu you can offer to your fishes!

March 6th TABLE SHOW - Classes B (Barbs), C (Characins) and D (Cichlids). You may also bring along
any other species fish for 'evaluation purposes' but whilst it will be judged it will not receive any
Award Card. Note too that only Award Card winners from Table Shows will be eligible for entry
into our Closed Show later in the year.

Whoops! The unavailability of our Judges meant a quick side-step into something completely different!
Instead, we swapped a wet winter's evening in Hounslow for the sunnier climes of Singapore as we revisited
the 2005 Aquarama Aquatic Trade Show.

Of equal interest, on a subject much mearer to home, we were given a preview of the artwork, depicting Club
life that Colin has created for our Society-supporting display at the Hounslow Farm.Once the 'in-progress'
information panels are completed we will have a wonderful long-running live advertisement which, hopefully
will attract some extra members. Thanks to all comncerned in this venture.

Next meeting we have a very special Guest Speaker - Roxane Dunbar who will be explaining all about Live Fish Foods.
Please arrive on time so we can make a prompt start.

February 20th KILLIFISHES - Ian Glaubes

If you can't manage (for whatever reasons) to keep a marine tropical aquarium, then your next best bet
for a magificent display of really colourful fishes (in probably much less space and certainly at much
less cost) would be Killifish.

The superb presentation by Ian Glaubes was filled with
information with plenty of additional personal experiences
thrown in from the members of the audience, who have already
discovered the attractions of this often ignored Family of fishes.

February 6th THE REAL SLIDE SHOW - no gimmicky digital nonsense, actual film slides in lamp-lit
projectors with all the attendant risk of dropping a fully-laden slide carrier on the floor!

Not quite the Pandora's Box(es) we were expecting, or dreading. From original fish houses,
species indentification, and Club activities all nearly sprung to life again for the interest
and amusement of the assembled members. Everyone seemd to have their memory jogged by some of
the slides and, of course, the projectionist was smart enough to include several old favourites -
upside down slides! One main lesson was learned - despite some aversion to the digital age, one
cannot deny the new way of showing pictures is a whole lot more convenient! At no time were any
slides harmed during the evening's progress.


The lights dim, the tension rises, what will the slide be and will I know the answer? Not quite as
tense as an Agatha Christie novel just a sense of ambarrassment at being put on the aquatic spot.
A lot of good humour soon dispersed anxieties and the evening resolved into one of information and
entertainment - all you could want at a typical Club night.

And, as a bonus, we had Yonik drop in to join us too. Every little helps!

Januaray 9th GENERAL DISCUSSION - Fish I Keep

Agood proportion of the early evening was taken up with discussion centred around the Club's
involvement with the new aquatic display area evolving at the Hounslow urban Farm.
This will be credited to the Society (and hopefuly be an attractive advertisement for new members)
and is very much the brain child of Joe nethersell, with active support from Simon Taylor and the
rest of us. Mention was also made of Simom's intended online aquatic slaes Club, again something
which will draw attention to both Hounslow and the FBAS. On the subject of Fish I Keep, Dick managed
to dodge the issue by asking for anyone's experience in dealing with online aquatic plant suppliers
as refiurbishing his three tanks is next on his agenda, the difficulties being the range of plants
being limited by import restrictions. Ron reported progress on the ongoing installation of the
tropical pond in his garden - and we're all waiting for the invitation to the opening ceremony,
probaly when the weather gets a bit warmer!


The question everyone's asking is where on earth did 2018 go? The year went by so fast, we almost forgot to enjoy it on the way!

   As can be seen by the accompanying photos, a goodly number of members turned up for our annual Christmas Party,
but we were disappointed thatPeter Quested couldn't make it due to not feeling quite right on the day.
Also, our friend Nigel, from Reigate & Redhill, also failed a 'fitness test' and had to decline to join us.

Due to lack of breeding registrations, there was no 'Breeder of the year' to crown but
Ron simply wiped the floor with our exhibiting members by a stupendous score.
Equally-deserving in gaining the Member of the Year Award was Simon for his
drive and enthusiasm - and a little thing of designing and masterminding our
Tropiucal Pond Installation at this year's Festival of Fishkeeping.

Special mention must be made of the Ladies' contributions to the evening -
great food from Janet, Sylvia, Marion, Hanne, Iris, Angie, Wendy and Chrissie,
with Hanne and Sylvia also distinguishing themelves in the Photographic Competition.

See you all in January, 2019!

November 28th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING plus Fish 'n Chip Supper

A great attendance - which shows us that members have no fear of turning up for an AGM! As usual, the formalities were processed
with almost indecent speed so that the 'main course' of the evening could be enjoyed at leisure.

However, along the way came both sdaness and pleasure. Both Peter Quested and Kem Marriott announced that 2019 would be their
last as Officers of the Club but this news was tempered with the pleasure at gaining an 'new member.'

In recognition of his contribution to the hobby and his organisation
of all the Festivals of Fishkeeping over the years, the Club welcomed
Joe Nethersell as a lifetime Hornorary Member.

Thanks were extended to Spike and Dick for the Fish 'n Chip Supper
service and notice was given that the Christmas Evening is looming -
prizes for the Game (and the Raffle) will be welcomed as will be photos -
Fish, Landscapes, Fun, Animals.


A fully-packed evening on all fronts. Clive and Matthew were back with us although Spike, Peter and Hanne couldn't make it.

Joe Nethersell dropped in to run through his plans for Hounslow-supported Furnished Aquariums at the Hounslow Urban Farm.
We kicked off with Chairman Peter Anderson showing some of his 2018 activities, including visits to Germany and to the
Wisley Flower Show.

Following the tea break, the Closed Show Awards
were presented; this year we did something
different and distributed the Awards 'en bloc'
to their respective winners with just a single
photo covering everyone involved.

Then, Ashby took us on a trip to Sentosa Island
in Singapore with its fabulous aquarium sights on view.
To complete the evening, Dick showed a video of this
year's Final Festival of Fishkeeping, much of which
featured Hounslow's tropical pond attraction.

We can only hope that 2019 will be as eventful and
produce another entertaining Review of the Year.

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